Document Self Storage

Store & More offers a wide range document self storage solutions for businesses and personal use. Our document self storage is an easy and cost effective way of keeping your files secure.

Take out the paper clutter from your home office and rest assured, knowing that your documents are stored safely for years to come. Our document storage is available at both facilities in Torquay and Ocean Grove, a perfect off-siteĀ  solution for businesses in Geelong and city outskirts.

Document Self Storage is perfect for:

  • Decluttering your home office
  • Tax archiving information
  • Business financials
  • Personal financials
  • Important family records
  • Data backups

For more information on what Store & More can offer you, please contact us for more information or send us an enquiry form. Store & More also offers a wide range of high quality archive boxes for documents, check out our storage boxes and accessories online or see our full collection in store.

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